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Here's a few things you need to know about C-19Pro:

- C-19Pro is safe on any surface including skin, glass, fabrics etc. It is completely smear & streak free on glass and stainless steel as it evaporates and releases out of the can with a fine mist. It doesn't leave any wet residue on your fabrics so it is perfect for sanitising your chairs, clothing and many more.

- C-19Pro is also very good for the environment and is completely CFC FREE. We also made the solvent water-based. This is essential for us as your normal alcoholic hand sanitiser's can make your skin very dry over time and become quite irritant for fair skin. This was not an option for us.

- C-19Pro lasts up to 5 hours and activates instantly. This is very useful for touch points and high-trafficking areas. During this time we need to stay safe in the most efficient way possible. Spraying your touch points with this product is certainly a step closer to doing so.

Grab yours now www.c19pro.com/shop

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