Welcome To C-19Pro

C-19Pro is a company based in the Midlands and our vision is very clear. We want to make everyone feel safe, whether they are sitting at home or walking the streets, and we feel with product in your hand that is easily achieved.

We decided to come up with this product because of the COVID-19 outbreak on the World. We thought it was then our duty to get this product out to as many people and business' as we could to help stop the spread and prevent the inevitable "wave 2".

When it comes to the product, quality is something that was not spared. This product is proven to kill all enveloped viruses (including coronavirus) and 99.99% of bacteria. It has been BS EN 1276 & BS EN 14476 tested and approved.

C-19Pro is also very good for the environment and is completely CFC FREE. We also made the solvent water-based. This is essential for us as your normal alcoholic hand sanitiser's can make your skin very dry over time and become quite irritant for fare skin. This was not an option for us.

As well as all the above, C-19Pro is entirely streak/smear free on all surfaces. Mirrors, windows, stainless steel will be as shiny and clean as it was before no matter how much you apply.

This solution activates instantly on any surface and then continues to protect for up to a further 5 hours. You can watch nearly 3 and a half football matches in this time! For the best results shake the can well before use. Spray from a distance of approximately 20-40cm from the surface to be treated and allow to dry naturally.

Hope you enjoy using C-19Pro


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